Globalisation, a form of evolution

Globalisation as I was taught in school was the act of nations communicating mutually beneficial agreements resulting in economical and cultural growth, mostly made possible through the growth of the internet. I believe it to be something greater than this. I see it as a shift in world energy.

If we take a look back through history, you will notice a trend of nomadic groups developing to tribes, communities growing to towns and cities, kingdoms and the like turning into countries.  All through such developments, boundaries and borders are set. Then after time, these borders become breached for different reason. Most of the time, war and conflict plays a major role. How the change happens is irrelevant, the point is, the world is always changing and evolving just like nature. (it would be ignorant to consider the two separate.)

The fundamental change in the world is simply due to communication.

Perhaps it is easier to use an example of evolution that we all know and compare it to the progress of the world.

More to come…


evolution of globalisation

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